" Where health isn't just our goal, it our lifestyle"

How It All Began

Sandra’s fascination with natural health began over 25 years ago when her nephew was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just a toddler. Though he went through traditional treatments, the doctors gave a grim diagnosis. His parents, unwilling to give up, turned to natural health, and after several months he improved and was soon given a clean bill of health. He was tested annually until the age of sixteen but never had another occurrence. Thus, Sandra learned that health can be dramatically improved, and diseases can even be reversed if one makes healthy lifestyle changes.

Sandra has since spent decades studying various schools of thought within the wellness arena and has and continues to review countless pages of scientific research. Utilizing what she has learned, she has for the past decade helped countless clients achieve dramatic health improvements.

She has a Masters in Natural Health and is Certified in Nutritional Wellness. She is also trained as a Medical Missionary and has traveled internationally teaching others about health. Sandra has also helped train other Medical Missionaries internationally.

One of Sandra’s greatest delights is sharing what she has learned with others through her seminars, presentations, one-on-one coaching, and now through her books.

New Release

In Alternative Emergency Remedies, we are sharing with you what may be done in case of an emergency utilizing items that many people already have in their kitchens, or around their homes. These methods have been used successfully for generations, and have benefited innumerable people suffering from countless conditions. With this knowledge, you may even help save a life!

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Dr. Steve Maraboli