Delightful Eats Cookbook I - Beverages, Breakfast, & Entrees

Beverages: Often we pay more attention to the content and calories in our foods than in our beverages. But when we are on a mission to get healthier we want to get the most bang for our caloric buck. With these refreshing beverages, you get to incorporate it all. Try the thirst-quenching yellow watermelon and kiwi chia drink, melon colada, powerhouse smoothie, or camu berry smoothie; our turmeric chai tea, or a revitalizing juice like The Brain Booster and The Regenerator….

Breakfasts: If you are looking for a new twist on breakfast these recipes won't disappoint. You can try making your own homemade yogurt, or a wonderful hot cereal from scratch with this new plantain & maca porridge. Often when vegan and gluten-free the baked goods are very expensive and often don't taste that great, but that won't be the case with these peach muffins or french toast. Want something a bit heartier, try the scrambled tofu, breakfast potatoes, or tofu hash…..

Entree: One of the biggest challenges to eating healthier is knowing what to cook that offers variety, is delicious and isn't too hard to make. These entrees are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. My catering clients have gone through this book and selected dishes for their functions. So if you want to cook for one, for your family, or entertain try dishes like our jerk tofu, delightful quiche, Jamaican classic stir-fry, brown stew cashews, lentil stew, chickpea ‘ting, split pea soup, green banana rundown….

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