Delightful Eats Cookbook II - Salads, Sides, & Desserts

Salads: The general recommendation is that we eat 7-9 fruits and vegetables a day for optimal health and help fulfill our nutritional needs. This isn't really as challenging as it may seem if we note what qualifies as a serving. For example, a banana is roughly two servings, and a cup of raw leafy vegetables is a serving. wild rice salad, strawberry salad, peach arugula salad, black plum-fennel-jackfruit salad, cultured vegetables…..

Sides: With these amazing sides it won't be challenging to get in our daily recommendation of vegetables. I was introduced to seaweed salad years ago and love the taste and also its many health benefits. But, seaweed salad is hard to find, it's expensive, and sometimes food coloring has been added. So when creating this cookbook I had to create a seaweed salad that is just as delicious. I have also created a vegan and gluten-free version of many favorites including mac & cheese, and cornbread. Other favorites are the mashed split peas (an amazing alternative to mashed potatoes), and vegetable spring rolls…

Desserts: I love dessert, but often can't find great desserts that are both vegan and gluten-free. These desserts are amazing and many have been chosen as the desserts for dessert tables. It's so hard to choose... Some of the favorites are Jackfruit Ice cream, crumb stuffed baked apples, peaches & figs cheesecake, plum upside-down cake, and the apple mango tamales……

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